LINKS Business Consulting, Marketing and Public Relations Pivots on Tourism Board Success to Expand Its Travel Portfolio

LINKS Business Consulting, Marketing and Public Relations Pivots on Tourism Board Success to Expand Its Travel Portfolio
Miami, Florida — June 14, 2018 – LINKS Business Consulting, Marketing, and Public Relations, the Miami based company with deep industry knowledge in public relations, franchise, finance, real estate, travel trade, technology, hotels, and resorts has pivoted on its success with travel and government tourism clients to become the agency of record (AOR) for VIVA Air. As the Colombian airline expands into new markets, LINKS will utilize their travel experience and global expertise to position the airline as a leader in the budget airline sector.
In addition to VIVA Air, it was announced that LINKS will continue to work with KAYAKⓇ for the second year as their AOR, driving the OTA’s marketing and communications in the Mexico region. LINKS also continues to expand its portfolio of clients with hospitality leaders Highgate Hotels, working with several of their properties to reach key feeder markets throughout the globe.
As a leading trade marketing and public relations company for government tourism boards, LINKS has earned measurable growth for destinations around the globe as their partners in media relations, strategy, and trade and digital marketing. Since beginning its journey with LINKS to target the Mexico region,The Israel Ministry of Tourism has seen an increase of air arrivals of 36% from 2016 to 2017. The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism has measured an air arrivals increase of 31.5% from Argentina and 60.69% from Brazil from 2016 to 2017. Tourism New Zealand, who also entrusted LINKS with their travel trade and consumer communications, has experienced a 53.68% growth from the Argentinean market, 20.67% from Brazil, and 15.03% from Chile in a direct comparison between Q1 2017 and Q1 2018.


“It is exciting to produce results for companies and governments who have committed to the Caribe and Latin American region. The global travel market gross bookings is expected to reach $1.47 Trillion by 2020, and it’s not surprising that companies and governments such as Israel, the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism, and New Zealand have come to realize that an investment of time and monies in a region which represent 10% of the world’s total travel market is an intelligent move. I am not sure why, for so many years, essential markets like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico have been overlooked by travel marketers.  Africa is the second most populated continent, with around 1.28 billion people, or 16% of the world’s population. Europe’s 742 million people make up 10% of the world’s population as of 2018, while the Latin American and Caribbean regions are home to around 651 million (9%). With 9% of the world’s population living south of North America, it is an extraordinary opportunity for hotels, airlines, governments and related travel service providers to explore,” said Edward Ramos De Valle, Senior Partner of LINKS.

“LINKS is built to serve clients who want a global understanding of the tourism travel markets and industry as a whole. With on-the-ground consultants, marketers and communication experts in key feeder markets for North and South America, LINKS offers business consulting, marketing, and public relations expertise through its Americas satellite offices and its headquartered flagship Miami location,” said Brenda Sandoval Valdes, Associate Partner of LINKS.


About LINKS: When it comes to transforming your business, you need a company with expertise and insight. We believe businesses thrive with GREAT thinking. 

We have deep industry knowledge in the franchise, financial sector, real estate, hotels-resorts, travel tourism trade, technology, marketing, creative, digital advertising, public relations, government relations, and corporate social responsibility. 

We believe in inspiring and empowering businesses in a connected world. As such, we partner with clients that share this belief. We think all companies, regardless of industry, have the potential for a very powerful voice, and we want to be the company that helps you fully explore all of the possibilities that exist. 

We do it all from determining the geo-specific, pan-regional markets, strategizing entry points, identifying competitors strengths and weaknesses, guiding the initial implementation to creating a sustainable and stand out market plans, performing secondary due diligence and market research services. 

At LINKS, we don’t direct, we get the job done. 

LINKS has 10 offices across North America, South American and the Caribbean. Headquartered in Miami, Florida. Our other offices are (USA) Colorado, New York City, and Los Angeles. (Caribe) Dominican Republic, (Latin America) Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and Peru.

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