Millionaire Mindset

Millionaire Mindset

Your degree of empowerment determines your ability to become a millionaire. What many people don’t realize is that the key to achieving in life lies in the way we see our world. It lies in the questions we ask ourselves, the commentaries inside of us, and ultimately our attitudes towards situations unfolding around us. You are capable of becoming a millionaire, regardless of the past you’ve endured or the present you’re living, if you change one thing- your mindset. Change that, add action, and you are on your way to millions.

The millionaire mindset is this idea that everything under the sun is attainable, you just have to know that, and ruthlessly and consistently execute. You cannot simply think like a millionaire, you must act as if you are one.  There are many things that wealthy and successful people have in common, things beyond multiple zero’s in their bank accounts, and it all starts with their attitudes.

The former First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, said it best, “great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people”.  Millionaires don’t waste their breath discussing the small stuff, like who wore what, they’re too busy talking about ideas and innovations. Millionaires are creative by nature and spend time expanding their minds to keep up with the evolving world around them. Ideas change the world as we know it.  Average people spend their time thinking about life outside of the box, millionaires know that there is no box.

When paving new roads and pioneering new ideas, it is inevitable that you will run into bumps along the road. While the middle class prefers to stay in their comfort zone, a millionaire knows that in order to maximize results, one must take huge calculated risks. You cannot have a worthwhile reward without a potential risk. The key is learning to distinguish which risks are worth it, and manageable, in comparison to the reward the risk will bring.

Millionaires know that they must have the right attitude to continuing gaining. They know that talking ideas and innovation separate them from the average. The ultra rich know from experience the benefits gained from taking huge, albeit calculated, risks. So what is next?  Millionaires know and value the importance of charity and giving back. There is a famous world law, “what goes around, comes around”, also known as karma. In order for wealth to continue flowing in, it must continue flowing out. When you give, you get. It’s as simple as that. I have dedicated a lot of my time, even prior to my wealth, helping others in one way or another. Now that I am abler, I spend a lot of my free time helping the children in the Dominican Republic living with HIV and AIDS understand their disease and I help spread awareness so others learn the importance of prevention.

The final key to leave you with today: millionaires pursue multiple sources of income. The more sources of income, the greater chance of bringing in big paychecks. I live by this. I have always pursued multiple sources of income and although there have been times that they are not successful I understand that multiple sources will eventually lead you to wealth and it is always worth the try. The most important part of this concept is delegation. With multiple avenues of income comes multiple responsibilities that can get to be too much for one person. Understanding the power of delegation is vital and knowing that there are people capable of performing tasks as well as you or better is key.  Millionaires know that they do not have to do everything themselves, they just have to know how and who to ask for help. By passing responsibilities along to those equally or overqualified, millionaires can focus on the big picture and continue cultivating income-generating projects, avoiding the potential for burn out.

Becoming a millionaire starts with your mindset. You cannot achieve greatness without first believing that you are great. You must think big, and focus on the undiscovered. You cannot dwell on the small. Talking about another’s success will not curate your own. You must remember that big risks bring big rewards and in order to keep the monetary energy flowing, you must always give back. Give and you shall receive. Remember, expand. The more sources of income, the more chances of big bucks! And in order to benefit from multiple sources of income, you must delegate. You cannot do it all and expect it to all be done well. Know how to give responsibilities away to focus on opportunities all around you. Becoming a millionaire requires action, but before that action even takes place, you must already believe. You must act as though you are a millionaire. When you put that energy out, you will get it back! And that is the millionaire mindset.

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