I am Cuban-Spanish-American who was born and raised in the United States and later in my adult life moved to the amazing island of the Hispaniola on the Dominican Republic side. 10 years later and 3 kids, I don’t plan on leaving paradise anytime soon. 

Its common to have house staff on the island and two weeks ago I asked my house staff to go home, thereafter I locked down our house.  Having plenty of outdoor spaces with golf as well as beach I did not expect this to be a challenge, but its the contrary.

  1. I am not about to change my entire social life for a screen. Remember VCR’s? People have been doing exercise at home since the days of Jane Fonda and the likes of Richard Simons. I like people and am eager to once again connect with my friends and family ASAP. Social distancing may be a new norm, but it’s not going to last forever and forever is a LONG time.
  1. Rather than to be polarized by new. I prefer to spend my time catching up on reading books I never finished, finding the inner child in me, so that I can play with my babies, take the time to learn more about my business industry, pick up the phone and call old friends and relatives I have not spoken to in such a long time. I do have to admit that my ZOOM happy hours recommended by my best friend TIM are awesome. Certainly, I am not going to and nor do I recommend WAISTING this brilliant journey on trends.
  1. I also need time to be vulnerable. YES! VULNERABLE! I like most of us have a family of my own and I would say that most people have parents, grandparents and or friends they can call family. With that comes the responsibility to keep ourselves and those we love healthy and safe. Allowing myself to feel vulnerable keeps me from owning myself inflicted “complications” later.   Most people aside from keeping their families healthy and safe are responsible for the finances in their household. Thinking about your finances and how they are going to be impacted now and within the near future is important. Don’t allow arrogant newscasters or the government to sell you on what’s really going to happen when you or one of your loved ones loses his or her job. AGAIN! Get really comfortable with vulnerability! I am confident that by taking the time to really dive into unraveling realities the ambiguities and complexities around your health, safety and financial future will paint a clearer picture. 

I own business in different industries and I too am affected just like you. Even in business vulnerability plays a successive role in order to succeed in tomorrow’s business neverland.

  1. It’s beyond my human comprehension how globally people are saying that “well it is only 1% of the COVID-19 victims that are dying”. These victims of this phenomenon are moms, dads, grandparents, and friends. What good does it do us to support by sending money to “Make A Wish Foundation, Save The Children, Saint Jude’s Cancer Hospital for Children and then say “its only 1%”. Are we serious! I certainly don’t want to be around people like this. It’s perhaps a good time to understand what I have allowed to seep into my sphere of influence and now is a perfect time to have them exit.
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  1. So now what I have highlighted 1, 2, 3, & 4 what else am I do to do for the next 4 weeks? The answer is I don’t know, but it’s looking like I will focus on digging through the COVID-19 uncertainties and begin to innovate my way of thinking, my business and how I have approached aspects of life in the world as I knew it and how I should approach tomorrow. 
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In short! I am sharing with you what I believe to be reality and I want those willing to listen to take away what engages you. Every day IS TODAY! If you plan on wasting it on the same old-same old packaged distortion of NEW! GO FOR IT, however, that there is so much more than YOU happening all around and that its a really good time to PAY ATTENTION! 


Edward De Valle II

[email protected]