A Rich and Strong Family History

Born April 21,1975, in Miami, De Valle II is the first of two children of Edward De Valle who’s background is Spanish and Maria Christina Noya who comes from a Cuban aristocratic family. Maria Cristina’s father and family are also from Spanish descent from the Northern region of Spain called Galicia, Espana.

Daughter Ella and Christina, London, and their Son Dali De Valle are fathered by both Edward and his husband Mathew De Valle.

De Valle’s passion and commitment to his goals has brought him to where he is today and his family have long been deeply ingrained in Cuba’s Social Hierarchy.

His great-grandfather was the owner of the largest newspaper in Cuba, El Avance and his great-great-grandfather, Alfredo De Zayas y Alfonso, was Vice President of Cuba from 1909-1913 and went on to become the fourth President of Cuba 1920-1925. Learn more about Cuba’s history