Would you risk not visit a city that leaves you speechless?

Would you risk not visit a city that leaves you speechless?

Would you risk not visit a city that leaves you speechless?


Besides being a great metropolis, Santo Domingo is the capital and the cultural heart of the Dominican Republic. The city is a wonderful mix of history and modernity, as well as an incredible place to discover. Here are some tips to get the most out of your visit.

 1.- The Three Eyes

This wonder of nature is perfect for a full day tour. You can enter this cave complex on foot or by boat, but the second is more exciting.

2.- Alcázar de Colón

It is the oldest colonial residence in the Americas and one of the best art galleries in the region. The gallery exhibits some of the most important art collections in the Caribbean.

3.- Catedral Primada de América

It is the oldest cathedral in the Americas, located right next to the Columbus Park. It is worth visiting for its fascinating architecture.

4.- Calles Las Damas

This street is a beautiful area of ​​the city. Here you can see a 1753 solar clock and visit the Institute of Hispanic Culture.

5.- National Palace

The palace is an exquisite building built in a beautiful park where the offices of the presidency and vice-presidency of the state are located. It is an important place of cultural interest.

6.- Botinical Gardens

You can not miss this attraction, as it is considered one of the best gardens of its kind in the world. It is recommended to go with a guide since the park is huge.

7.- National Theater

Whether it’s an international production or a local performance, the quality of the shows of this theater will not disappoint you.

8.- Museum of Natural History

A fascinating place with world class exhibitions. One of the things you can not miss is the planetarium show. To enjoy the visit to the fullest, take a guided tour.

9.- Fortaleza Ozama

At the entrance of Santo Domingo you will find this beautiful 16th century castle with views over the Ozama River.

10.- Museum of the Royal Houses

One of the most important cultural monuments built during the colonial era. If you want to know more about the history of the region, do not miss this museum.

If you get lost in Santo Domingo, you will soon discover that many of the locals speak English and are happy to help you on your way. As a tourist, follow the basic safety tips and, if you fear for your safety in Santo Domingo, you can contact the Police of the city of Santo Domingo by calling + 1 809 682 2151 during the 24 hours or to info@policianacional.gob.do

Santo Domingo is located in one of the safest countries in Latin America

With a crime rate of 10.6 per 100,000 inhabitants in frank advantage of their peers in the Caribbean and Latin America with rates ranging from 81.4 per 100.00 and above to safer countries with rates of 11.7 and 11 , 2 per 100,000 as is the case of Costa Rica and Uruguay respectively for both residents and tourists. In fact, most travelers do not have to consider any security problems in the Dominican Republic, as long as they use the basic precautions and common sense to avoid scammers, petty criminals and thieves.

Crime rates in the Dominican Republic are much lower than in most other countries in the region and there are no health risks known to travelers to this wonderful land for pleasure and enjoyment, but that does not mean that you should not Prepare for the possibility of a confrontation or accident on your trip.

Of the four levels of travel recommendations, with one being the lowest and four the highest, the Americans rank Santo Domingo at level two. Level one means “normal precautions” of security; the second level “increased security precautions”; level three is “reconsider the trip”; and level four is “do not travel”.

Information for the safe traveler.

• During the holiday season (November-January) and especially during the carnival (February), the general level of crime increases (especially robberies)

• Do not neglect yourself in Bars or Restaurants or pool area with your briefcases and laptops or cell phones and bags or purses

• Invest in a good map of the city and / or use the GPS of your smartphone

• Keep the keys to the hotel room with you, if possible. Leave valuables at the hotel. Load a small amount of cash.

• Use preferably recognized taxi lines or Uber or equivalent if you have an account that you can use in Dominican territory.